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Episode 1

Slashcast Episode 1 ; Let's Misbehave - 19.2 MB
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Host: complete

Fandom/Canon news
Host: Jess/msmcgoogles
- Year Calendar of Events in the world of Harry Potter from The Lexicon
- Gary Oldman returns for 'OotP', Sirius-ly from HPANA
- Mugglenet
- Lumos 2006 in Laz Vegas
- Phoenix Rising 2007 in New Orleans
- Guilty as Fandom by furiosity
- Fanart and it's meanings by fools_trifle
- Why is Harry never betrayed by a trusted friend of authority figure? by garlandgraves
- Animagi by swythyv
- Why do femslash? by animimares at hp_girlslash
- The HP Girlslash Springtime Seduction Challenge! at hp_girlslash
- jamie2109
- 7spells
- fanfic100
- potterpostings
- Calling for HP kink links
- RPG polls by zeldaophelia
- Does Draco have the Dark Mark? by cmere
- metastudy

Meta Discussion
Host: charlotteschaos
Guests: kerryblaze & son_of_darkness
- Topic: "The Slash Fetish"

Host: phaballa
- Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist plans June vote on gay marriage
- Maryland's proposed gay marriage ban.
- Alberta cashes in on the Brokeback hype
- Chris Colson on why discriminating against gays is good for our policy in the Middle East
- Dan Savage on why gay marriage AND polygamy should be legal
- Human Rights Campaign
- Pride march listings
- If you'd like a regular LJ update on GLBT news visit phaballa's journal, her news tag is here.

Insider Interview
Host: emmagrant01
Guest: amanuensis1
- The fics mentioned in the interview can all be found on Amanuensis's web site.
- You can find the fics Amanuensis wrote for the pornish_pixies Fantasy Fests here: 2004 | 2005
- Thanks to kerryblaze and jehnt for their assistance with this segment.

Hosts: charlotteschaos, emmagrant01 & complete

This is where we'd love for you to give us comments and constructive criticism is welcomed. :)

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to make this podcast. To many more. ♥
Tags: episode 01, episodes only, fandom: harry potter

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